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Hainan Ting held a "hand in hand - spring precise poverty alleviation New Year Party Newest! Hainan Province, aspiring cadres for the announcement (January 17, 2019) Love is full of yecheng! 2019 Haikou Meilan micro wish unclaimed activities start A road station ushered in more than 140 college students of Wanning hospitality Road Branch Hainan Suning Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival full blessing The size of the cave won the first batch of Sanya global tourism research title education base school travel practice Wanning village doctor Cui Yuchuan won the "Chinese good doctor" honorary title [the two violations remediation review] remediation of illegal construction and promote city living environment The police brigade investigating traffic violations Hold the "green orange Qiongzhong tourism season dishes and special snack delicacy" competition The large health clinic activities carried out Qiongzhong held illegal land and illegal building renovation work conference Hainan research study trip 7 fine line - day announced growth in walking in Hainan Island You and the "goddess" only a pair of braces? We need to pay attention to the teeth @ parents! The winter child bathing too often "very injured skin" A brisk tour, Hainan's overseas experience Haikou Tiejing fight against scalping "falcon -2019" action In 2019 the first international routes from Haikou to Kuching non-stop routes officially opened two classes a week Chinese young pioneers of Sanya Jiyang area the first congress convened The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay resort launched the "three flavor" of the dinner on New Year's Eve Sanya Tianya District cracked 37 cases involving the evil Mafia destroyed a criminal gang of evil forces Chengmai County Industrial and Commercial Bureau held "Hainan e registration" Chengmai platform promotion meeting Haikou Meilan Airport has a "Adorable dog" carrying contraband bags infested special smell Omnidirectional crossroads debuted in Haikou street of non motor vehicles and pedestrians can be obliquely across the road Haikou 60 schools awarded a safe campus to create advanced units 11 counties in Hainan vegetable prices decreased spinach and other foods Haikou: No. 89 gasoline why listen to "sound" invisible "" "Open, multilateral cooperation and innovation will become this year's Boao forum for Asia keywords Shen Xiaoming: the Boao Music City First District into foreign advanced medical devices and drugs into the China portal Jiyang area "chase Cup" campus football tournament opening
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Liu Cigui: remember the new era of political and legal team mission to play for the FTA free trade port construction escort

In January 15th, the main leading cadres in Hainan province and the political and legal system to the Central Political Work Conference on the central political work conference venue in Hainan to concentrate. After the meeting, Liu Cigui will implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the meeting request.

  • "Moved Hainan" the 20 thousand and 180 person of the year award ceremony
  •  People's Daily: yacht lovers live with sail
    People's Daily: yacht lovers live with sail
  •  Envoys praised Haikou Charm
    Envoys praised Haikou Charm
  •  Lingshui: water under the
    Lingshui: water under the "safe house" undersea landscape
  •  This year, Hainan's first overseas flights on the Haikou International Airlines
    This year, Hainan's first overseas flights on the Haikou International Airlines "circle of friends" expansion and upgrade
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 In 2018 the people's daily on the front page of the Hainan
In 2018 the people's daily on the front page of the Hainan Hainan 2018 Hainan 2018
 Th Haikou volcano Bicycle Culture Festival
Th Haikou volcano Bicycle Culture Festival

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The message to the leadership

In response to the leadership | Netizen

 Hainan provincial Party Secretary Liu Cigui has said: 

 send Secretary Liu Hainan provincial Party committee secretary: Liu Cigui

You have sent Secretary Liu
 The governor of Hainan province Shen Xiaoming 

 words send Shen governor The governor of Hainan province Shen Xiaoming

Have something to bring Shen governor

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